10 Cool Ideas for a Corporate Party in Mississauga

In theory, corporate events are supposed to be fun and make for a memorable bonding experience. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Because these events are a staple in the modern work culture, companies are constantly looking for ways to host an inviting event where their employees actually want to attend.

You can add some real excitement to a corporate party in Mississauga, be it after work or even during work hours. All you need to do is to find the right venue to organized it, as well as get some inspiration from the ideas below:

  1. Get sporty

The idea of sports may be intimidating some adults, but it doesn’t have to be. Participants usually end up having a good laugh at themselves and each other. Be daring and have your corporate party in Mississauga at a sport or recreational facility. Try trampoline dodgeball, wall climbing or reaching the top of a 20 ft pillar – all within a safe and clean facility.

  1. Fitness craze

Another new and popular idea is to take your team party in Mississauga to fitness activity. Exercise releases feel-good hormones that will make everyone in the group happier and more relaxed.

  1. Archery

Feel like a medieval hero in one of the archery arenas in Mississauga while also having some competitive fun. You’ll learn a fascinating sport and compare your skills with that of the other team members.

  1. Charitable endeavors

Do good and feel good! Plus, you’ll get to strengthen those bonds between cowoker in a genuine, highly positive way. Take the group out and help those in need.

  1. Cooking skills

Explore exotic cuisines and get your team to cook a meal together. It’s a fun and collaborative action that teaches about efficiency and roles within a team, and you get a delicious creation to devour after.

  1. Code Break / Escape Rooms

This is for the brainy ones who don’t fancy physical activity. Combine brain games, puzzles, riddles and more.

  1. Rescue mission

One staff member is kidnapped. The others have to use the given clues to track them down and negotiate before it’s too late.

  1. Boat challenge

Find a body of water – a lake, pond, pool, etc – and choose some household materials to create a watercraft fit for kings…or just to stay afloat. Each competitor will make their own boat out of cardboard, discarded plastic, whatever you can get your hands on. Race them across the water, or just see which one sinks last.

  1. Sweet creativity

How about creating a cake? The team can work with flavors, as well as with colors and shapes to make a delicious piece of art! Bonus points for a creative theme!

  1. Casino night

Dress up, be fancy and try your luck – it’s a totally different setting and mood. The employees will be delighted to try it.

The Air Riderz mission as a corporate event organizer is to boost the morale of team members through creative ideas and engaging activities. Air Riderz also welcomes teams from Oakville, Milton, Brampton and Burlington.

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