Having fun indoors is possible all the year round, in a safe, clean, spacious and nurtured environment, where every member of your clan will find the activity that best suits them. Indoor playgrounds were created to allow you to have tremendous fun in a safe environment, probably safer than outdoors and, with a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm, to turn every day into an extraordinary experience. A family indoor centre usually has diverse activities for people of different ages, but Air Riderz is a trampoline park with rock climbing, innovative climb walls and slides, where all the fun is based on jumping and climbing and playing competitive dodgeball. This is a great form of exercise and fun that suits people of all ages, so you can have a great time with your children or with other adults who are willing to let their “inner child” out.

And talking of adults, have you thought of taking your coworkers to an indoor playground? Well, maybe you should, because having fun together is one of the best ways to build the trust and affinity that leads to a better and more collaborative work environment. By spending one hour in a trampoline park with your team you will see them under a totally different light, smiling and jumping. You won’t just exercise together;you will really connect with each other. This is what we offer for Corporate and Team events.

Organize your birthday parties, corporate events or Team events with Air Riderz. Call (905) 820 7500 or email at sales@www.airriderz.com for more information. We serve Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Georgetown, Caledon and Brampton.


Air Riderz’ Indoor Playground: Where Year-Round Fun Knows No Bounds


At Air Riderz, we believe that the pursuit of fun shouldn’t be limited by the seasons. That’s why we’ve created an indoor playground that offers a safe, clean, and spacious environment for families to indulge in exciting activities all year round. Our mission is to provide an extraordinary experience for every member of your clan, catering to a diverse range of ages and interests. With the assurance of a secure space, you can enjoy boundless adventures regardless of the weather outside.


A Safe Haven for Playful Exploration and Family Fun


Indoor playgrounds are more than just entertainment venues – they’re havens of fun designed to prioritize safety while unleashing the power of imagination. Air Riderz goes above and beyond to ensure our environment is enjoyable, secure, and possibly safer than outdoor settings. With our meticulous attention to cleanliness and nurturing spaces for family fun, you can immerse in the joy of play without worry.


Jump, Climb, Slide: Where Every Adventure Awaits


While most family indoor playgrounds offer diverse activities, Air Riderz stands out as a trampoline park that’s brimming with exhilarating options. From the thrill of trampoline jumping to rock climbing challenges and innovative climbing walls, there’s an adventure waiting for everyone. Our slides offer twists and turns that will keep your heart racing. But perhaps the most exhilarating activity of all is our competitive dodgeball, where laughter and friendly competition create lasting memories.


The extensive range of activities and services offered at our indoor rock climbing facility also includes:


We also cater to birthday parties in Mississauga and kids parties.


All Ages Welcome: Embrace Your Inner Child


Our trampoline park isn’t just for the young ones – it’s an arena of excitement that knows no age boundaries. Whether you’re a parent looking to bond with your children and looking for kids activities near me or an adult seeking an outlet to unleash your “inner child,” Air Riderz welcomes you. Jumping, climbing, and playing dodgeball is a tremendous form of exercise and an avenue for pure, unadulterated fun. You’ll find that the joy is infectious, shared equally among kids and adults alike.


Elevate Team Spirit at Air Riderz: The Ultimate Team-Building Experience


Have you ever considered taking your coworkers to an indoor playground? If not, it’s a concept worth exploring. The essence of teamwork isn’t just confined to the office; it flourishes when colleagues engage in activities that promote trust, camaraderie, and collaboration. At Air Riderz, we offer a unique opportunity for teams to step outside their professional roles and dive into an hour of exhilarating fun. Seeing your colleagues smile, jump, and connect in a different light can significantly enhance the dynamics of your work environment.


Create Lasting Memories with Air Riderz


Whether you’re planning a birthday party or are interested in participating in activities that promise family fun, a corporate event, or a team-building gathering, Air Riderz is the ideal destination. Our indoor playground sets the stage for unforgettable celebrations where joy and laughter abound. For more information about our offerings and to organize your next event, contact us at (905) 820 7500 or via email at sales@www.airriderz.com. Join us and experience the thrill of play in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Georgetown, Caledon, and Brampton. Let’s create moments that will be cherished by your family, friends, and colleagues for years to come.

Air Riderz’ Indoor Playground: Where Fun Never Stops


At Air Riderz, fun knows no bounds – no matter the season. Delve into an indoor playground that guarantees a secure, clean, and spacious setting for families to relish thrilling escapades throughout the entire year. Our mission revolves around crafting extraordinary experiences, tailored to various ages and interests within your group. Experience limitless adventures, rain, or shine, in an environment designed for both entertainment and safety.


Secure Haven for Family Bonding and Playful Exploration


More than just entertainment venues, indoor playgrounds like Air Riderz are sanctuaries of joy that prioritize safety and ignite imagination. Our commitment transcends the ordinary by cultivating a space that’s not only enjoyable but potentially safer than outdoor alternatives. With meticulous cleanliness standards and thoughtfully curated family spaces, you and your loved ones can immerse yourselves in unbridled play, free from concerns.


Bounce, Climb, Slide: Your Next Thrilling Adventure


While numerous indoor playgrounds offer diverse activities, Air Riderz stands out as a trampoline park that boasts an array of heart-pounding options. From the adrenaline rush of trampoline jumping to the challenges of rock climbing and innovative climbing walls, an adventure tailored to your taste awaits. Twist and turn down our exhilarating slides or engage in the laughter-filled competition of dodgeball for unforgettable memories.


Our comprehensive range of offerings also includes:


  • Fun team building activities
  • Family entertainment attractions
  • Trampoline park excitement
  • Engaging summer camps
  • Stimulating camp programs
  • Enriching activities for kids
  • Dynamic corporate events
  • Thrilling rock climbing
  • Vibrant birthday parties in Vaughan
  • Unforgettable birthday parties in Aurora
  • Captivating indoor activities for toddlers
  • Invigorating ninja warrior courses

We are not just limited to Vaughan and Aurora; we also cater to birthday parties in Mississauga.


All-Inclusive Fun: Embracing the Inner Child in Everyone


Our trampoline park transcends age barriers – it is a hub of excitement where everyone can unleash their inner child. Whether you are a parent seeking bonding opportunities through kids’ activities near you or an adult yearning for carefree play, Air Riderz welcomes you. Jump, climb, and partake in dodgeball; it is a fantastic blend of exercise and pure, unadulterated fun. The infectious joy transcends generations, uniting kids, and adults in shared delight.


Boost Team Spirit at Air Riderz: The Ultimate Team-Building Haven


Ever thought of taking your colleagues to an indoor playground? Consider this innovative concept! Teamwork’s essence flourishes beyond the office, thriving when coworkers engage in activities that nurture trust, camaraderie, and collaboration. Air Riderz offers a unique avenue for teams to break free from their professional personas and plunge into an hour of exhilarating unity. Witness your colleagues jump, smile, and form connections in a new light, greatly enhancing your work environment’s dynamics.


Craft Everlasting Memories with Air Riderz


Whether you are organizing a birthday bash, seeking engaging family activities, planning a corporate event, or aiming for team-building excellence, Air Riderz is your ultimate destination. Our indoor playground serves as the canvas for unforgettable celebrations, overflowing with joy and laughter. For more details on our offerings and to kick-start your next event, reach out to us at (905) 820 7500 or via email at sales@www.airriderz.com. Join us in embracing the thrill of play in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Georgetown, Caledon, and Brampton. Let us co-create moments that your family, friends, and colleagues will cherish for years to come.

“Awesome place, lots of different activities and great people managing this place. Kudos to staff who were sanitizing places very frequently. Due to COVID-19 indoor activities are capped at 50 persons at any point if time ... I arrived and the place was at capacity so I had to wait. One person tried to line jump and claimed his friends were inside; person in charge didn’t allow to skip the line without me even talking ... thank you Air Riderz”
Khaled AlNajjar, September 2020
“This is the best trampoline place in Mississauga. Very clean and spacious. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. They also have good deals on Wednesday and in the summer. You can also drop your kids for a full day fun in their summer camp. They will like it. ”
Ahmed Shehab, November 2019
“This place is so good. I went with my friends yesterday the staff is super nice! They are so helpful!! Love this place”
Aman Atwal , August 2020
“Fantastic facility here and well maintained. I've taken my son here for multiple different camps and he always has a great time. I've personally jumped here and really enjoyed myself as well.”
Allan Espiritu, August 2020
“Crazy fun experience. Phenomenal employees. Overall one of the top places to visit and take your kids to.”
Osama Baig , July 2020
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