In keeping with Air Riderz tradition, try our innovative rock climbing area, where you have an a safe and fun place to learn problem solving skills, focus and fitness at any age.

If you are planning for a rock climbing birthday party, Air Riderz has an exciting and large indoor rock climbing facility, perfect to celebrate with friends and provide a unique and exciting experience. We host birthday parties and events where kids enjoy climbing and jumping. In particular we feature the following:

Twister Climbing Monolith

This rainbow stunner is visually commanding and versatile enough to accommodate two climbers! On one side of the challenge, there are jug holds for participants to grip while the other side contains underclings for added support on the way to the top. Climbers must figure out their chosen method to defeat this challenge as this wall involves several ways to become a Twister champion!

Air Riderz Stairway to Heaven

Ascend to the top of this twisted ‘staircase’ with perfect balance! Unlike the other walls, Stairway to Heaven requires climbers move upwards without the use of their hands, instead only stepping on each subsequent pole until they achieve victory.

Face Off Wall

Another favorite in all our facilities. Grab a friend and race to the top. No cheating here with our glass wall, where your can watch your opponents every move.

The Big Cheese

Suitable for climbers of all sizes, this challenge offers plenty of options in terms of a path to the top. Participants may choose a dominant color to dictate their path; yellow being the most difficult option that requires immense flexibility as well as analytical skills. Petite and tall climbers will appreciate the process of determining the ideal course to reach the wall’s peak!

The Checker Plate

Checkerplate provides an all around unique experience for climbers with its metallic backdrop and LED lights that map out 3 possible routes. Participants are free to experiment on the terrain with a variety of climbing techniques such as palming, undercling, and pinch as they make their way to the top using different “collar” colors. This challenge requires careful climbing and diligent problem solving!

Dry Ice

Transform into an ice mountain explorer with Dry Ice! Mimicking an ice axe technique, climbers must use provided “axes” to make their way up the wall. Choose 1 of 3 routes and plunge the “axe” in spaces located in the top of each hold that also double as usable foot holds. Manage to complete this arctic journey and be named the ice conqueror!

Jungle Vines

Channeling the vibes of Spaghetti Junction, Jungle Vines features longer ropes and slatted footholds to further test even the most experienced climbers! Participants must steady their legs and swing on hanging ropes to dominate one of 3 routes indicated by ball color. Reach the top to become the king – or queen – of the jungle!


Navigate as fast as a bee to conquer the large, vibrantly colored honeycomb pattern on Hexed! The hexagon shaped designs double as hand and foot holds that serve as your solution to reach the very top. Each color of hexagon signifies a different level of difficulty and can involve big moves depending on the route color. Develop improved balance and coordination with this bee-utiful challenge!


Indoor Rock Climbing in Port Chester: Thrills and Adventure Await

Discover the excitement of indoor rock climbing at Air Riderz, Port Chester’s premier destination for adventure seekers. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a captivating experience suitable for all ages and skill levels. With a variety of climbing routes, you’ll find challenges that captivate and entertain you throughout your climb.


Elevate Celebrations with Indoor Rock Climbing

Celebrate special moments in a unique way at Air Riderz. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a fun team-building event, our indoor rock-climbing facility sets the stage for an unforgettable time. Our walls aren’t just for climbing – they’re a backdrop for laughter, camaraderie, and pushing boundaries.


Unforgettable Birthday Parties and Events

Make your kid’s birthday party a hit with Air Riderz’s combination of excitement and safety. Our indoor rock climbing and trampoline park in Vaughan ensures a day packed with adventure. Our attentive staff guarantees both fun and security, making every event, from kids’ parties to corporate gatherings, a resounding success.


The Ultimate Indoor Playground for All Ages

Air Riderz offers more than just rock climbing – we’re a hub of entertainment. From toddlers to adults, everyone can find their thrill here. Our ninja warrior course, trampoline park, and indoor playground provide non-stop enjoyment. Join us for summer camps, family activities, and unforgettable birthday parties in Port Chester.


Safety Meets Adventure

At Air Riderz, safety is our top priority. Our indoor rock-climbing walls feature advanced auto-belays for secure descents, while our attentive staff ensures a watchful eye on every climber. Experience the joy of climbing without compromising safety. Our facility combines adventure with peace of mind.


Join Us at Air Riderz for Unmatched Fun

Ready to scale new heights of adventure? Come to Air Riderz in Port Chester and experience the thrill of indoor rock climbing. From family outings to team-building exercises, we offer an array of activities like trampolining, ninja courses, and more. Contact us at (905) 695-7011 to book your visit today!

“Wonderful experience and guaranteed fun!! Great place for kids and adults. The staff was super nice and followed all safety measures. My favorite part: the slide! If you don’t have weekend plans, please go to Air Riderz!”
Isabel Morales, February 2024
“We had such a great time! It's new so everything was in great shape, the kids had fun and the staff was very helpful. Plus they have great snacks in the concessions area so we could make an afternoon of it on a rainy day.”
Lori Jones, February 2024
“We had a great time at Air Riderz! My 7 and 10 year old had lot of fun -jumping, climbing( this was their favorite), dancing around and swinging :-) Every age group has enough activities to engage and enjoy with ! All in all time well spent!”
Vaishali B., February 2024
“Such a fun place and has something for everyone. The place is super clean and staff is so friendly. My kids can’t wait to go back! I’m so happy we have a place like this right here in Port Chester!”
Antoniette M., February 2024
“When you hear about Trampoline Parks.. you often think it’s a great place for little kids, which this place absolutely is. Air Riderz is not only an ideal place for kids, but for friends and family as well! It was an absolute joy! 10/10”
Alisa Mejia, February 2024
Toddlers allowed ONLY during Toddler time on Thurs.-10am-12pm, Sat. & Sun. 9am-10am!