• Is there an age/weight limit?
    For our trampolines:

    There are no age restrictions! Our park is for all ages, including adults and even grandparents! We have a saying here, if you can walk, you can jump! Even those little ones who are still unsteady on their feet are welcome at Air Riderz. We offer specific toddler times for ages under 5, but all ages are welcome during our open jump times.


    We recommend climbing for ages 4 & up, depending on ability. Climbers must be at least 22lbs and fit into the harness.

    Climbers must be under 300lbs to use our climbing features, under 185lbs for our Giant Slide and under 100lbs for the Blackout Tower.

  • Can I bring my own food?
    We ask that you don’t bring in outside food. We have plenty of snacks and beverages available for purchase. Exemptions for Birthday Party Packages-Bring your own food at no additional charge. Limited to Fruit, Vegetable, Cold Sandwich or Wrap Platters and Cakes.
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothes with no sharp objects such as belts or clothing studs. No jewelry is allowed. All participants must wear our green anti-slip Air Rider trampoline socks.
  • I can’t print the waiver. What should I do?
    Air Riderz cares about the environment. Our waivers are completely electronic and do not need to be printed. Once you have filled it out and hit submit, we receive it on our end right away.
  • I’m bringing in other people’s children, can I sign the waiver for them?
    No, the waiver MUST be signed by each child’s parent or legal guardian – NO EXCEPTIONS. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends are not permitted to sign for the child. It takes 2 minutes to fill out online – www.airriderz.com/waiver and have them select “Me & my kids” even if they’re not jumping. Once they hit “submit” we received the waiver in our system.

    Unfortunately, jumpers will be turned away if the waiver is not filled out by the parent or legal guardian.
  • If I complete a waiver once, do I need to do it again?
    A signed online waiver is valid for two years at the location for which it was completed. Waivers are not transferrable between locations. Validity of the waiver for two years may not be guaranteed. If you wish to confirm whether or not your waiver is still valid, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
  • Do I need to make reservations?
    We STRONGLY encourage everyone to make a reservation to guarantee your jump time. Walk-ins are welcome, but are subject to availability. If you have made a reservation, please arrive at least20 minutes before the start of your jump time to complete the check-in process.
  • When is it busiest?
    Holidays, evenings and Saturdays are the busiest. It is recommended to pre-purchase your tickets online during those times.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All ticket sales, including group ticket sales, are final. Rescheduling for pre-purchased tickets can be done by calling 905 695 7011 but is not guaranteed and needs to be done 48 hours in advance.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    Air Riderz offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout our facility, just ask a staff member for the password.
  • Where can I store personal belongings?
    We strongly suggest leaving all valuables at home. Bring only what you need to jump. We provide cubbies for your shoes and complimentary lockers but Air Riderz is NOT responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items.
  • Can my family jump together?
    For safety purposes, jumpers under the age of 4 must jump in the private court during regular operational hours.
  • Is Air Riderz dangerous?
    Air Riderz has trained staff, extensive safety rules and equipment designed for safety. Trampoline jumping is comparable in risk to other extreme sports like skateboarding, snow skiing, ice hockey and football. It is important that if you decide to participate in our exciting elements, you do so only within your ability and do not attempt advanced maneuvers you have not mastered elsewhere.
  • Are parents allowed to stay in the Park with Jumpers?
    Parents are allowed to stay in the Park. As a COVID precaution we recommend limited number of spectators for a group of Jumpers.
  • Which areas are Toddlers allowed to go during regular hours?
    Toddlers have access ONLY to the air bag , trapeze and battle beam. However, when the child is in the toddler area they cannot be accompanied by an adult/sibling or anyone over the age of 5. They do not have access to Main Courts, Multi-sport Courts, Giant Slides, Ninja Warrior Course and Climb Zone. We highly recommend that Toddlers visit the Park ONLY during Toddler Time on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-10am
“Wonderful experience and guaranteed fun!! Great place for kids and adults. The staff was super nice and followed all safety measures. My favorite part: the slide! If you don’t have weekend plans, please go to Air Riderz!”
Isabel Morales, February 2024
“We had such a great time! It's new so everything was in great shape, the kids had fun and the staff was very helpful. Plus they have great snacks in the concessions area so we could make an afternoon of it on a rainy day.”
Lori Jones, February 2024
“We had a great time at Air Riderz! My 7 and 10 year old had lot of fun -jumping, climbing( this was their favorite), dancing around and swinging :-) Every age group has enough activities to engage and enjoy with ! All in all time well spent!”
Vaishali B., February 2024
“Such a fun place and has something for everyone. The place is super clean and staff is so friendly. My kids can’t wait to go back! I’m so happy we have a place like this right here in Port Chester!”
Antoniette M., February 2024
“When you hear about Trampoline Parks.. you often think it’s a great place for little kids, which this place absolutely is. Air Riderz is not only an ideal place for kids, but for friends and family as well! It was an absolute joy! 10/10”
Alisa Mejia, February 2024
OPEN on Wednesday- June 19th from 10am-9pm!