Jump into fun (regardless of the weather!) with Air Riderz.  We get any Party Jumpin’

Come to a Place For Enjoyment in Aurora With All Your Family and Friends

Having fun indoors is possible all the year round, in a safe, clean, spacious and nurtured environment, where every member of your clan will find the activity that best suits them. Indoor playgrounds were created to allow you to have tremendous fun in a safe environment, probably safer than outdoors and, with a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm, to turn every day into an extraordinary experience. A family indoor centre usually has diverse activities for people of different ages, but Air Riderz is a trampoline park with rock climbing, innovative climb walls and slides, where all the fun is based on jumping and climbing and playing competitive dodgeball. This is a great form of exercise and fun that suits people of all ages, so you can have a great time with your children or with other adults who are willing to let their “inner child” out.

And talking of adults, have you thought of taking your coworkers to an indoor playground? Well, maybe you should, because having fun together is one of the best ways to build the trust and affinity that leads to a better and more collaborative work environment. By spending one hour in a trampoline park with your team you will see them under a totally different light, smiling and jumping. You won’t just exercise together;you will really connect with each other.  This is what we offer for Corporate and Team events.

Organize your birthday parties, corporate events or Team events with Air Riderz. We serve Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Georgetown, Caledon and Brampton, Aurora, Newmarket.

PRIVATE FULL facility rental packages starting at $899+tax available for your event . Email-sales@airriderz.com