First of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area, try our innovative wall climbing and unique pole walk. Our climbing area is an excellent place to learn problem-solving skills, focus, concentration, and fitness at any age.

If you are planning for a rock climbing birthday party, Air Riderz has an exciting & large indoor rock climbing facility, perfect to celebrate with friends, providing a unique and exciting experience! We host birthday parties & events where kids enjoy climbing, jumping, etc. Rock Climbing- An adventurous activity for kids to have fun.


Experience Thrilling Indoor Rock Climbing at Air Riderz in the Greater Toronto Area


Air Riderz proudly presents an innovative indoor rock-climbing facility in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. As pioneers in this field, we offer a rock-climbing adventure that breaks traditional boundaries. Our facility is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced climbers, promising an exhilarating experience filled with excitement and achievement.


Scaling Heights: A Unique Rock Climbing and Pole Walk Experience


Get ready for a new perspective on rock climbing at Air Riderz. Our thoughtfully designed climbing walls cater to climbers of all skill levels. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned climber, our walls provide the perfect terrain for your ascent.


Adding to the excitement, our one-of-a-kind pole walk adds a twist to your climbing experience. Balancing on this unconventional path enhances your coordination, strategy, and controlled movement skills. It’s not only a physical challenge but also a mental workout that encourages creative problem-solving.


Explore Our Range of Activities and Services


At Air Riderz, we offer more than just rock climbing:


  • Fun team building activities
  • Kids’ birthday parties
  • Family entertainment activities
  • Trampoline park
  • Summer camps
  • Camp programs
  • Birthday parties in Aurora
  • Indoor activities for toddlers
  • Fun activities for kids
  • Corporate events
  • Ninja warrior course
  • Indoor playground
  • Elevate Skills and Well-being Through Rock Climbing


Our rock-climbing area isn’t just about conquering heights – it’s a platform for personal growth and development. Engaging in this adventure helps you refine essential life skills, from problem-solving to focus and mental agility. Regardless of age, our indoor rock-climbing journey offers holistic growth and empowerment.


Celebrate Special Occasions at Air Riderz


Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday party or corporate event? Air Riderz is the answer. Our indoor rock-climbing facility is perfect for:


  • Kids’ parties filled with laughter and excitement
  • School trips that foster learning and camaraderie
  • Corporate events with a refreshing twist
  • Group gatherings that build bonds and celebrate accomplishments
  • Kids’ Corner: Nurturing Adventure and Joy


Introducing children to the world of adventure at Air Riderz. Our rock-climbing facility is a playground where kids can have fun while developing motor skills and confidence. It’s more than just an activity – it’s a way for kids to explore, learn, and thrive.


Whether you seek challenges, celebrations, or a space for kids to flourish, Air Riderz offers an inspiring and empowering experience. Contact us today at (905) 695-8577 to embark on your journey!

“Best place in town. Come here once a week with our kids, aged 6 and 4. Affordable and kids love it.”
Nicholas Gomes, June 2024
“Been here quite a few times and the staff/students do a great job at both customer service and also making sure the other kids follow the safety rules. Great job to Air Riderz Aurora for running a fun ship! Cheers, Ron”
Ron B, May 2024
“It was a great experience, I didn't have to worry about a thing. I was able to adjust the food based on few last minute guest changes which was very helpful. The ladies that hosted our party were flexible, helpful and accommodating. They took care of everything and I was able to enjoy my kid's party without worrying about micromanaging. Thanks!”
Marian Siha, April 2024
“Been to this location twice for kids' birthday parties. My kids had so much fun as there are plenty of space for them to jump or move around to burn their endless energy. Staffs were very friendly and welcoming.”
Agnes Tjeng, April 2024
“We had a great time here at Air Riderz Aurora. Tresa the supervisor was great help and very friendly. It’s a very clean facility and all the staff ensure safety throughout. I would recommend to come here!”
Pedram Ghorbani, June 2024
$14 Jumps from 7pm-9pm- Monday through Wednesday