Air Riderz Jump at Vaughan Trampoline Park includes 20,000 sq. ft. of wall-to-wall trampolines with long lanes for Open Jump, Battle Beam, Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk Basketball, Trapeze, Air Bag jump and our brand-new Cardio Wall.

Thinking of a unique idea for your next corporate event? Vaughan is the place for all your trampoline and corporate events.

Open Jump

The best way to burn calories while having fun at Vaughn Trampoline Park! Jump for half hour, one hour or two hours in our 7,000 sq. ft. open jump area. Professionally designed with trampolines in vibrant colours, our Open Jump area also features a two-foot Cube Jump and long lanes on the trampoline.

Cardio Wall

Think you are in shape? Challenge a friend to our brand-new cardio wall, where you try to get the most points by keeping up with computer generated lights. Definitely a workout for anyone.

Private Toddler Area

Toddlers are VIP’s with their very own private toddler court and foam pit. Everything your little one could want in a safe and private environment.

Dodge Ball

Dodge incoming balls by soaring high and bouncing off the walls to be the last team standing! The perfect place to bring your team and perfect your dodgeball skills.

Battle Beam

Try your luck against a friend or stranger. Who can stay on the battle beam the longest while battling a friend and keeping their balance?

Two Slam Dunk Basketball Lanes

Combine speed and height to show off your basketball skills. You’ll feel like an NBA player hitting these heights and nailing that slam dunk.

Air Bag Jump

Rebounders welcome here! Climb the stairs and jump on to our air bag and rebound off the walls. It’s the perfect place to bounce!


No need for the circus when you can swing like the pros. Grab on, swing and be assured of a soft landing in our foam pit.

***Toddlers 4 years and younger are restricted to the toddler area***


Discover Air Riderz: Elevating Family Entertainment to New Heights


Step into Air Riderz, not just your ordinary trampoline park, but an ultimate family entertainment space where ordinary moments morph into extraordinary memories. With a sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Vaughan, our trampoline park transcends age barriers, radiating excitement and delight. From wall-to-wall trampolines to exhilarating activities like Battle Beam, Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk Basketball, Trapeze, Air Bag Jump, and the cutting-edge Cardio Wall, our offerings cater to every family member.


Our repertoire includes a diverse range of activities and services:


  • Fun team building activities
  • Trampoline park
  • Summer camps
  • Engaging camp programs
  • Birthday parties in Aurora
  • Indoor activities tailored for toddlers
  • Engaging activities for kids
  • Thoughtfully curated corporate events
  • Ninja warrior course for thrill-seekers
  • Exciting indoor playground
  • Indoor rock climbing for an adventure
  • Kids’ birthday parties in Vaughan


Activities for Teenagers: Thrilling Adventures for Teens and Beyond


Air Riderz acknowledges the dynamism and enthusiasm teenagers bring. Our trampoline park and indoor rock-climbing facility is meticulously crafted to offer an outlet for their exuberance, enabling them to revel in endless fun. Our expansive lanes for Open Jump create the perfect canvas for teens to bounce, flip, and soar. The excitement of trampoline dodgeball and gravity-defying dunks in our Slam Dunk Basketball courts fosters an atmosphere where the pursuit of enjoyment knows no bounds.


More than a Trampoline Park: A Nexus of Family Entertainment


Our commitment to family entertainment transcends individual activities – it is about cultivating an atmosphere where every family member can unite and share moments of joy. The Battle Beam encourages family members to test their balance in friendly combat. The thrill of trapeze adds an element of daring acrobatics, while the Air Bag Jump ensures a secure yet exhilarating taste of free fall. Let us not overlook our innovative Cardio Wall – a fusion of amusement and fitness that awakens the competitor within.


Corporate Events with a Unique Twist


In search of an inventive approach to elevate your next corporate event? Look no further than Vaughan, where Air Riderz metamorphoses corporate gatherings into indelible experiences. Be it team building, commemorating milestones, or simply seeking an unconventional outing, our trampoline park fosters an immersive setting that nurtures camaraderie and enjoyment. Our activities foster teamwork and genial competition, forging a dynamic ambiance that bolsters morale and collaboration.


The Ultimate Nexus for Trampoline Fun, Teenage Adventures, and Corporate Excellence


Nestled in Vaughan, Air Riderz stands as a pinnacle for teenage adventures, family entertainment, birthday celebrations, and corporate engagements. Vaughan is more than a location; it is a central hub that assembles people to relish the thrill of bouncing, bonding, and rejoicing. Regardless of whether you are a Vaughan resident or hailing from Toronto, Markham, Woodbridge, or Brampton, our facility warmly welcomes all to partake in the bliss and fervor we provide.


Crafting Everlasting Memories


Air Riderz transcends being just a trampoline park – it is a factory of cherished memories. Our establishment is meticulously designed to offer families a space to unite, bond, and forge unforgettable moments. From heart-pounding activities to shared laughter and the ecstasy of surmounting challenges, our trampoline park caters to family entertainment and corporate events, serving as a sanctuary where precious memories are crafted.


Air Riderz: Where Boundless Adventure Awaits


Air Riderz is not merely an entertainment facility; it is a realm where adventure takes flight, families unite, and corporate events and kids’ parties evolve into memorable escapades. With an array of activities that captivate teenagers, families, and corporate collectives, we redefine entertainment by merging merriment and thrill with the essence of togetherness. Join us in Vaughan, where the universe of Air Riderz beckons, ready to transcend your entertainment expectations.

“Clean and well presented, and includes some climbing facilities as well as trampolines. I was there to bring my son to his cousin's birthday party. They had fun. I had few interactions with staff, but when I did they were friendly and professional. A person who I assume was the manager or owner was always keeping an eye on things, which was good.”
Jonathan Cox, March 2020
“Fun for kids, great party place!”
Aysha Zia, March 2020
“My godson had his birthday party last month and all the kids had so much fun. Ages 4-9 and a couple of the adults Would definitely go back and jump with the kids”
Simone Clennon, March 2020
“We had birthday party for my both son at air riderz vaughan. Every thing was so organized .there was a lot of fun activities for both adult and children .the party room was neat and clean .the food was good and we enjoyed a lot.”
Autefeh Kholghy, March 2020
“We had a great time at Air Riderz. It’s so cool that as a parent, you can stay in the middle of the park and have clear views of all areas. Some other trampoline places are not distributed the same way and it creates a stressful environment if you have to keep running around after multiple kids to look after them. It gives them the freedom to go to different areas and you don’t have to worry about it as you can clearly see them at all times. Great place for some fun!”
Chikito Pow, September 20219
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