Trampolining: the best new way to stay fit.

Are you looking for a better way to look great and get into shape without the regular, boring and potentially harmful workouts that you are used to? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Trampolining is far better for you than any other traditional workout routine including running. Trampolining burns more calories, works out more major muscle groups and puts less stress on your body than any other workout routine you can engage in. In addition, studies have shown that trampolining is one of the only ways to truly reduce cellulite in your hips and thighs.

There are a number of ways you can include trampolining in your regular routine. For some, signing up for trampolining classes at your local trampoline park is the way to go. For others, taking the time to jump on your children’s backyard is a great way to get some rebound time in. Still for others, using a mini-trampoline in the house during the day is the best way to get in some much needed exercise. Each of these methods offers you the same benefits.

Jogging versus bouncing?

Let’s face it. Running is hard. It isn’t fun. It’s hard on your body. And it simply doesn’t burn off enough calories to justify the pain endured while doing it. Many people struggle finding the motivation to keep running day after day however don’t have another way to get the exercise they need.

The main disadvantage of jogging is the impact that your lower limbs and back experience during the activity. Most runners will tell you that they suffer from constantly aching feet, ankles, knees and even shins due to the amount of stress they put on their lower bodies during their run. Studies have shown that runners regularly place as much as 600 lbs of downward force on their joints at every step. But trampolining is different.

Additional studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline offers you a more physically exerting experience while reducing the amount of impact on your joints by as much as 80%. This makes it possible for those who have physical challenges to get the exercise they need without causing additional trauma to joints and other structures. It is also a great way for those who are overweight or who have been sedentary for long periods of time to begin a safe and effective exercise program.

What are the specific benefits?

Trampolining offers a number of benefits when it comes to helping you get your cardiovascular exercise. First and foremost, you get a better, more effective workout with each bounce. Experts agree that you get the same workout in ten minutes on the trampoline as you do running for 30 minutes. In addition, you can also:

Stimulate your metabolism to burn more calories during and long after your workout

Increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular system

Improve balance

Increase the effectiveness of your lymphatic system

Increase your energy

Firm and tone muscles

Lose weight

And the list goes on and on.

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