Who doesn’t need a way to keep busy this summer whether you are a kid or have kids?   Why not keep active at the same time?  Trampoline Parks are the best place to get up and going and Air Riderz is even better with its multitude of different things to do.

What can a Trampoline Park offer you while the summer is here?

1)  Activity – it is a fun and purposeful way to stay active this summer.  Either jumping on our fresh and clean trampolines, or showing off your skills at our Slam Dunk basketball, anyone at any age will have fun.

2)  Climb Zone – Air Riderz is home to our one-of-a-kind Climb Zone. Challenge yourself to get to the top of our vertical challenges, or get your adrenaline flowing with our 24 foot Giant Slide!

3)  Dodgeball League or pick-up games – Remember playing Dodgeball in the playground? Trampoline Parks are an excellent way to continue that playful spirit.  Many Trampoline Parks, including Air Riderz, have a Dodgeball league for ages 16+ or you can drop in and play a pick-up game in the Dodgeball courts.

4)  Lounge Area – While your kids are running around playing on the trampolines, parents can take a breather in the relaxing lounge area of Air Riderz Trampoline Park.  Set with couches, televisions and FREE WIFI, Air Riderz allows to unwind while the kids get tuckered out!

5)  Spacious Party Rooms –  Trampoline Parks have plenty of space to hold all sorts of functions – for Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Parent’s Night Out or just a group getting together to jump.  Whatever the occasion we have the space to hold your event and make your parties easier to plan.

6)  A break from the heat – Summers are HOT and unpredictable weather can come with it. Air Riderz is open no matter the weather. We are a clean, vibrant and a cool escape from the summer heat.

7)  The ultimate friend meet-up – Looking for a better hang-out location than the mall? Jumping is more fun and challenging with friends.  Challenge each other to jump-off’s, flips and other fun activities.

8)  Good for the whole family – If you can walk, you can jump.  Trampoline Parks include Toddler Times for families with young children who want to get out and learn to jump and play.  Toddler Time is a great way for parents to connect with others in their community as well.

9)  Encourages play time – We live in a digital age and heading out to a Trampoline Park will help to increase play time for all ages.  It is fun to get out, run around and jump without any worries.  Kids can have fun while taking a break from staring at a screen!

10)  It keeps you young – Yes, you heard it here – Jumping makes skin firmer and can help rejuvenate the body leaving you younger! Simple enough, we think.

Heading out to your local Air Riderz Trampoline Park will make your summer months fun and active.  It is THE BEST way to spend the day!

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