It is fast approaching, your child’s birthday and you don’t have any new ideas on what to do?  Do you take them to the movies… again?  Should we have it in the back yard? You are starting to stress!

Lucky for you Air Riderz has you covered!  Take your birthday party from ordinary to thrilling with our HUGE facility and party planners!

We even decided to make your decision easier, and create a few reasons to stick with us to make the special birthday boy or girl have THE best birthday ever!

What can you expect at a Trampoline Park? 

  1. There is always something to do!  Between our Jump Zone and Climb Zone there is no shortage of places for children to play.
  2. The energy is contagious!  With the music pumping, the kids and adults running around it makes for a phenomenal atmosphere of fun and excitement.
  3. It provides challenge for the mind – our climb zone especially has so many aspects to challenge yourself, your children and your brain!

What can you expect at a birthday party at Air Riderz?

Other than a lot of fun, Air Riderz makes it simple to have a stress-free event.  We provide each party with your own personal party host to assure you have everything you need, we even take care of the set up and clean up! Each jumper or climber (whichever the preference) is given a complimentary pair of our Air Riderz vibrant green socks that allow for maximum jumping and great grip for climbing.

Guests arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start time to ensure waivers are filled out and everyone knows the rules, then it’s go time!

The Jump Zone is an ideal area for the kiddies (and big kids at heart) during a party because they can get a game of EPIC trampoline dodgeball going or see who can dunk the most balls in the Slam Dunk Basketball lanes. A little friendly birthday competition and fabulous memories.

At Air Riderz, we believe that having a party that is thrilling to the senses will make the best type of party.  We make sure that every guest has the same fun and excitement and pride ourselves on ensuring just that!  Our birthday parties include all the little things (plates, napkins, candles, etc.) so you don’t have to worry about bringing them along.  It is just as much about you having fun with your children and guests.

If your child is a toddler or is 18 we can do it all!   A trampoline park party is open for all seasons and the weather never impedes the fun.

Plan your next birthday party with Air Riderz and your kids will be talking about it for a very long time!

Still need more convincing check out our party video and let it talk for itself!