Which Muscles Do I Work Out On A Trampoline?

Jumping on trampolines is fun, but there are more to trampolines than just the principle of bouncing. Rebounding on a trampoline is a good workout for your body.

Let’s examine the muscle groups you exercise when working out on the trampoline:

Abdominal Muscles

You won’t get six pack abs, however jumping on a trampoline is a good way to work out your midsection without overexertion. When you jump on a trampoline, try flexing and holding your abs. Hold them as you bounce up and release them as you go down. This means, every jump makes your muscles contract, similar to a plank or crunch.

Back Muscles

Your spinal muscles and those long fibers that line both sides of your spinal column, also contract when you work out on the trampoline. They work hand in hand with the abdominal muscles to stabilize your back. When you jump on the trampoline your spinal muscles contract to keep your back straight and stable. They also prevent you from falling over. The muscles continue to work as you spring up and down. Trampoline workouts help strengthen your back muscles, giving you more stability and balance.

Core Muscles

Bouncing on the trampoline also activates and exercises your core muscles. When we say core, it is not just the abdominals but includes your buttocks, hips, scapular (upper back) and pelvic muscles. These muscles are key when carrying out any movement such as stabilization, transferring force from one limb to another, or initiating a specific movement. If you want a well-rounded fitness regimen, it’s important to focus on all core muscles.

Legs and Thigh Muscles

Bouncing on the trampoline also give your lower extremity muscles a good workout. While machines at the gym target specific muscles in the thigh and legs, a trampoline workout also helps condition them, giving your legs a firm, toned look.

As you hit the trampoline, your back leg muscles contract to push you up and your front thigh muscles activate to straighten your knees. As you are focused on standing upright, you probably don’t realize how much you are actually working out.

Arm Muscles

Trampoline exercise also help tone your arm muscles. It will not give your biceps and triceps the bigger circumference you might be aiming for, but by swinging when you bounce on the trampoline, you firm your arms.

The swinging movement makes your shoulder, arm, and forearm muscles contract without the need to exert too much effort. After a while, you should notice the results when you look in the mirror.

Heart Muscles

Experts consider a trampoline workout a good form of cardio. While it looks easy to do, bouncing up and down on the trampoline is a total body workout. It gets your muscles firing, but more importantly, it can help build stamina. Jumping on the trampoline for thirty to sixty minutes a day, five times a week can help you achieve your fitness goals.