Trampolining isn’t just for kids

When it comes to getting your 45 minutes a day of exercise, you don’t have to settle for just a jog around the block or a boring ride on the indoor bike. You can jazz up your exercise routine with trampolining.

Trampolining offers more aerobic benefits than jogging or even swimming and it’s not just for kids anymore.

What is it?

Trampolining refers to jumping or rebounding on an elastic fabric that is stretched from all the sides with high performing springs. There are several different aerobic classes that are being taught across the country. Some are centered on a basic aerobic workout while others incorporate dance like moves or even martial arts movements in order to offer greater benefits.

How does it work?

Most trampoline parks now offer an adult based trampoline workout class. You simply need to locate the closest trampoline park in your area, purchase a pair of non slip socks and then attend the class. Each class is led by a fitness instructor, just like other exercise classes and most last around 45 minutes. You can expect to have a warm up period, a higher intensity workout period and then a cool down period.

Is it really for adults?

Yes. As a matter of fact, kids under the age of 18 are generally not accepted into the class. There are no upper age limits, however, you do need to have good balance and range of motion to attend class.

What is it like?

Trampoline classes are aerobic exercise classes. They are going to be tough on your cardiovascular system, but, unlike other aerobic exercise regimens, they aren’t so tough on your joints. This makes them the perfect solution for those who want to work out, but are limited in the activities they can participate in due to existing or previous injuries or other physical limitations. You simply don’t have the same levels of impact as you do with other aerobic activities.
In addition, the spring from the trampoline allows you to engage in many different types of movements and engage a wide range of different muscles that simply aren’t activated when you walk or run. You can enjoy jumping, flipping, and bouncing with more exhilaration than you would if you were running in place or doing jumping jacks. And most people can stick with it longer because there is less strain on their joints.

Studies have shown that exercising on trampolines is actually good for you. These studies have proven that rebounding, as it is known, is much more effective at boosting heart rate and burning calories without as much effort on your part, meaning that you can actually burn more calories in one rebounding session than you can jogging exerting the same effort. It is also more effective than weight lifting at building strength and muscle. And provides a better overall workout than swimming.

Where can I try it?

Trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular with new parks emerging all the time.

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