Toddler Time

You have probably noticed the wonderful time your kids have when bouncing on a trampoline. They bubble with excitement and seem completely caught up in the rapture of the exercise. You may remember feeling the same way when you were a kid. Indeed, the thrill and exhilaration of jumping on a trampoline really never goes away. Even as an adult, you may have experienced the delight of the activity. Many of us won’t admit it; but there is something quite attractive and engrossing about watching kids on a trampoline, so much so that after a while we’re pulled into it ourselves.

When you get on the trampoline and start bouncing, you will feel thrilled and amazed. The adrenaline will shoot through you – the feeling may even become addictive to the point where you may feel compelled to keep going. This is a similar – if not identical – feeling something like what your children feel when they are on the trampoline. But they are getting more than a thrill. Bouncing on the trampoline produces tangible benefits for your child.

This is a completely serious and proven statement. It must be remembered that every experience for a child teaches them something. At that age, their brains have not yet been hard-wired into certain habits of thinking and feeling. Every encounter and activity works to shape them in some way. Trampoline jumping is no exception. Here are some of the many benefits of the activity:

1. It teaches persistence. Your child will learn to keep going, to not give up until they are able to jump up and down on the trampoline without falling. Indeed, you may have noticed that they do this instinctively. They will bounce and bounce until they get their moves absolutely right.

2. It enhances self-esteem. The more your child plays on the trampoline, and the more he or she works to get their moves right the more confidence in themselves they will accrue. To be able to jump up and down without falling may seem like a little thing to an adult; but to a child it is a significant achievement.

3. It improves learning ability. Again, childhood is a time when every experience is a lesson of life. Bouncing on a trampoline will teach your child coordination, muscle control, and balance. They will begin to understand how to move and direct their bodies toward certain physical actions. This will come in handy later on as they take on more physically complicated and physical tasks.

4. It increases flexibility. Jumping on the trampoline has the effect of loosening the muscles and making them more amenable to stretching.

5. It develops motor skills. When kids jump on a trampoline, both sides of the brain must work together. As a consequence, they will begin learning basic motor skills that will serve them throughout life.

6. It improves cardiovascular conditioning. You may have observed that your kids are out of breath after a session on the trampoline. If you do it as an adult, you know how quickly you will become winded. This is a good thing. Kids need exercise. They need to engage in activities that will get their heart pumping. This will in turn strengthen that most important of organs and make for a healthier child.

7. It improves posture. One of the consequences of increased flexibility is better posture. A body that is more plastic and flexible will be easy to hold erect and straight. You want your kids to get into the habit of carrying themselves a certain way when they are young. That way, it will be easier for them to do so instinctively when they reach adulthood.

8. It instills the habit of exercise. Perhaps one of the best benefits of jumping on the trampoline is that it will get your child into the habit of exercising. With all of the video and computer devices available to children nowadays it is easy for them to get into sedentary habits. This may lead to problems with weight as well as other health issues as they get older, so you should introduce them to a more active and energetic lifestyle now. Encouraging them to jump on a trampoline is an easy way to do that.

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