TEAM PARTY- Celebrate your Team’s Success

Having a team party is a sure way of boosting everyone’s morale and creating stronger bonds in the workplace. If your team has been under pressure to meet targets and deadlines lately, it is a good idea to blow off some steam with fun group activities. These events are opportunities to learn from one another and get everyone on the same page.

Air Riderz Attractions and Events

Bring your team to Air Riderz to take advantage of the exciting attractions we offer. Some of these include:

  • Air Riderz Climb Zone

Get your team members’ heart’s pumping by engaging in our wall climbing and vertical challenges. Our 20-foot-high walls provide a different approach to problem solving, building concentration and focus, and improve overall physical fitness.

  • Air Riderz JumpZone

Team members can collaborate in a variety of activities like slam dunk basketball and epic trampoline dodgeball. Jumping is easier on the joints than other physical activities, and is a great way to de-stress.

  • Air Riderz Spacious Private Rooms

Once all the bouncing is over, take your team party into one of our spacious, private party rooms for delicious food and refreshments while charting the way forward in your organization.

These attractions and events are suitable for people of all ages.  The Air Riderz team will ensure everyone in your group is accommodated by customizing your package to suit all your team’s needs.

In addition, these activities will raise the competitive spirit of the team, build confidence and trust, and form long-lasting bonds for your group.

Air Riderz Mississauga is the ideal place for your team or corporate party, whether you’re in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brampton or Milton.

Make your next team celebration a memorable one. Call and book your team party today – 905 820 7500 ext 105.