After-School Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Just because summer has ended and everyone has gone back to school, doesn’t mean the party must stop. After-school activities are a crucial time for all children. According to CBC Parents “research shows that regular physical activity contributes to better academic scores, improves concentration and connectedness to school, and protects against negative behaviors such as bullying“. We at Air Riderz, offer a number of unique ways to get your kids involved in screen-free activities that will allow your child to let loose, explore and imagine. We’ve created a list of 4 ways to get the kids excited and give them something to look forward to when the school bell rings:
1. Join the Air Riderz Kids Club – launching in October, Air Riderz is excited to offer an after-school program that will bring girls and boys together for the purpose of socializing, having fun, and experiencing new things with kids their own age. The Kids Club is designed for boys and girls, ages 7-10, who love jumping and climbing! Offered every Wednesday night from 5pm-8pm. Email us at for more information!
2. Open Jumping – Jumping on a trampoline is a pure mood lifter – it’s the perfect after school activity to release pent up energy, that kids have after school. Put a smile on their face and bring them to Air Riderz to enjoy our spacious open jump area. Did you know that jumping on a trampoline for one hour can burn up to 1000 calories? Yup. Set them free for a jumpin’ good time!
3. Dodgeball Games – The beginning of the school year is a great time to start focusing on an active lifestyle, which includes finding a new sport/activity to get your kids involved in. Our dodgeball court really allows kids to be kids – they can jump off the walls while playing a game with their friends or face some friendly fire from other jumpers in the facility. Trampoline dodgeball can help increase confidence, focus on team-building and socializing skills, and improve play time.
4. Rock Climbing – Finding unique physical activities that your kid will enjoy is important – our one-of-a-kind ClimbZone offers the perfect setting for kids who might be less inclined to partake in cardio-driven activities. Rock Climbing is great exercise because it makes the climber use their core, arms, and legs. At our facility, kids can climb their way through various walls and experience the pole-walk to increase confidence, improve mental agility and focus, and overcome fears in a safe environment.
Air Riderz is focused on the continued effort to help parents keep their kids active in a unique and fun atmosphere so visit our facility today to experience a jumpin’ good time!
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