Jump into a New Workout Routine This Spring

Jump into a New Workout Routine This Spring - Air Riderz Airobix
Spring is here! This season of growth and rejuvenation is a great time of year to assess your fitness goals and do a spring cleaning of your regimen. You visit Air Riderz to have a blast, but are you aware that there are health benefits of trampoline jumping? Bonus!

If you already exercise regularly, you know the importance of switching up your routine. Working out consistently is the only way to see and feel results, and mixing up your cardio and strength training helps keep things fun, interesting and challenging. Incorporating different types of exercise into your workout plan is also a great way to avoid hitting a plateau – it keeps your body guessing and your mind engaged. Trampoline jumping is an incredible way to stay fit because it tones major muscle groups, is easy on joints, strengthens the heart and eases anxiety and stress. Burning 1,000 calories in a single workout may sound daunting, but our 60 minute Airobix class can scorch upwards of that figure in just one session! Ready to jump into a new workout routine this spring?

Airobix at Air Riderz

Looking for an effective full-body #workout that is easy on your joints but delivers results? #Airobix torches up to 1,000 calories in only 60 minutes! Airobix is the ultimate mix of fun and fitness. Click here to see the class schedule >> https://www.airriderz.com/mississauga//attractions-activities/airobix/

Posted by Air Riderz Trampoline Park Mississauga on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Designed for teens (15+) and adults, Airobix is a full-body workout class taught by our professional instructors. Participants engage in a mixture of plyometrics, cardio and strength-building exercises on our wall-to-wall trampolines. Best of all, you don’t have to be a fitness pro to be able to follow along! Airobix classes are fun and effective regardless of whether you’re at your desired fitness level, getting back into shape, or looking to begin your fitness journey. Working out within a group makes exercise less intimidating, and is a great way to socialize and meet new people. With high-energy music and the motivation you get from others in the class, Airobix feels more like pure fun than the effective workout it is!

If you can’t join our next Airobix class, here are a few simple moves* you can try on our trampolines the next time you visit Air Riderz:

    1. Jumping Jacks: stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and do jumping jacks as you would on solid ground – feet apart & arms up to the side, jump up and land with feet together & arms down. Keep core engaged, and arms and legs straight throughout movement.
      1. BENEFITS: tones calves, core, shoulders and more; releases mood-enhancing endorphins; great for cardiovascular health
    2. High Knees: similar to “running on the spot,” the difference with this exercise is that you bring your knees up as close to your chest as possible in rapid succession. Keep shoulders down and back, look straight ahead, and drive movement through the heels. Don’t jump too high for these, it will throw off your momentum!
      1. BENEFITS: tones glutes, calves, and quads; increases strength and endurance of hip flexors
    3. Trampoline Jump Squats: stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Next, jut hips backwards and lower yourself, as if you are going to sit in a chair. Your knees should not bend forward past your toes, and core should be strong and engaged throughout movement. Keep your arms out in front of you to improve balance. Once your thighs are parallel with the trampoline, use an explosive jump motion, pushing through the heels. Repeat as desired.
      1. BENEFITS: tones glutes, quads and hamstrings; unsteady surface of trampoline increases core power needed to stay balanced
    4. *These moves safe for beginners; however, we encourage you to start slow and first become comfortable with regular bouncing on the trampoline before attempting these exercises.   

      Although our Airobix classes are for teens and adults, we offer a children’s version as part of our Day Camp activities. Junior Riderz (ages 5-9) and Senior Riderz (ages 10-13) get the same amazing health benefits as those in our adult Airobix class, while having a blast. Air Riderz Day Camp emphasizes fun and fitness, so campers also enjoy climbing activities, trampoline games, indoor/outdoor games, and arts and crafts. The trampoline is a phenomenal way to enhance kids’ motor skills, coordination, strength, persistence and focus.

      Are you ready to do a spring cleaning of your fitness routine? Make Air Riderz part of your family’s active lifestyle!

      To register for Airobix or enroll your child in our Day Camps, please contact Lexie at lexie@airriderz.com or 905-820-7500 ext. 105.