Indoor Playground – Social, Physical & Emotional Development

Has your kid been exhibiting moody behavior lately? Have you tried talking to them with no avail? If so, welcome to the world of parenting. By the age of four, kids have already developed their own system of thought, making it more difficult for you to alter their thought process.

Luckily, psychologists now say that regular play can improve your kid’s behavior tremendously. At Air Riderz, we have the most exquisite indoor playground to allow your child’s emotions to flow freely in the company of their peers. Here are some ways your kids will benefit by coming to our Trampoline Recreation Center:

1. Physical growth
This is a great concern for every parent and if you don’t allow your child to play, their muscles will not develop optimally. At Air Riderz, they will engage in physically demanding games, such as dodge ball, rock climbing, and trampoline slam dunk basketball, which will help in their muscular development.

2. Socialization
At school, there is hardly enough time for kids to socialize with peers. Our indoor playground gives them this chance to let loose under the watchful eye of our staff. You will soon find your child looking forward to more visits as they make new friends at our trampoline center. This emotional development is crucial in shaping your child’s early outlook to life.

3. Mental sharpness
Learning does not only occur in the classroom. Some of the activities at our park, including dodge ball and wall climbing, require mental concentration which sharpens your child’s cognitive abilities.

If you are a parent in Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton or Brampton area, come to Air Riderz and watch your child grow. Call 905-820-7500 to Book your Event and check out for exciting offers.