Incredible Air Riderz Testimonials

Incredible Air Riderz Testimonials

After our recent Facebook contest, we are feeling humbled and grateful for the wonderful feedback and support from our visitors. We want to take a moment to thank YOU for choosing Air Riderz as your destination for fun and fitness with your friends and family!

Below are a few of the many incredible Air Riderz testimonials visitors have shared:

  • “I love Air Riderz because of its amazing, colourful ambiance. As a parent I don’t mind at all waiting for the kids to finish on their comfy couches. Their climbing wall is cool.” – Cassandra K.
  • “I love Air Riderz because it’s an amazing place to work hard on my skills! I’m a cheerleader so any time spent at Air Riderz helps me a lot and is also so much fun! It’s my fave trampoline park and I’m so happy to every time I go. Also the support I’ve received through social media is such an amazing feeling! It feels good to know that such a great company celebrates my hard work. Thank you.” – Breanna A.
  • “I love Air Riderz because they turn exercising into something fun instead of running on a treadmill for 2 hours – you can get fit while having fun. That’s what makes Air Riderz the best.” – Konain A.
  • “I love Air Riderz because they gave me a chance to bond with my little brother. I never saw such a huge smile on his face or received a bigger hug. Best day of my life.” – AJ B.
  • “I love Air Riderz because it is the only way to tire out my busy boys long enough for me to actually make dinner! They have a great time and come home so tired they crash….then I can do the housework.” – Kristen P.
  • “I love Air Riderz because I can bring all three of my kids and not have to worry about them not having fun. My middle is on the autism spectrum so we are always on constant alert for her, not here though we can relax a bit because we know this is a great sensory exercise. Bouncing is best for her!” – Jen N.H.

Feedback like this is the reason we exist! There are many benefits to trampoline jumping and testing your skills in our climb zone – both improve physical strength, enhance concentration, and encourage persistence, just to name a few – but learning how Air Riderz benefits YOU and your families personally takes it one step further. It is an honour to be part of your special occasions, family fun, and fitness efforts. We are committed to offering experiences that not only bring people together to have a blast, but also support individual wellness.

As we learn more about our wonderful visitors, we are sharing more about who we are. Have you seen our Staff Spotlight on Air Riderz Events Manager and Airobix Fitness Class Instructor, Lexie? Trampolining is a huge part of her life – she has been competing in trampoline gymnastics for nearly a decade and is a 2016 Canada Cup Champion! If you want to tune-up your summer body with an effective but low-impact full-body workout, come out to the next Airobix class and introduce yourself to Lexie! What does she have to say about Airobix? “Everyone has an awesome time and leaves with a smile.”

Speaking of gearing up for summer, did you know that Air Riderz offers Summer Camp for children ages 5-13? When you register your child for four or more weeks of full-day camp, you will receive 10% off each week. Register your child for six or more weeks of full-day camp to receive 15% off each week. Interested in learning more about Summer Camp at Air Riderz? Click here!

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