A Summer Camp Field Trip Destination Like No Other!

A Summer Camp Field Trip Destination Like No Other!

Summer camp is a rite of passage for many youth. New friends and new adventures under the sun – it’s no wonder so many kids look forward to it!

Keeping elementary and secondary school aged children engaged and enthusiastic about camp can often be a challenge. Summer camp field trips are the ideal way to offer campers a change of scenery and new experiences that keep them stimulated and having a blast. Trips to the zoo, movies, museum, local fire or police station, and restaurant tours are common choices for summer camps looking for a field trip solution; however, they don’t allow campers to engage in play. As we covered in our previous blog post, psychologists say that regular play has tremendous benefits for social, physical and emotional development.

With our wall-to-wall trampolines and a one-of-a-kind climb zone, a trip to Air Riderz is a two-for-one. Campers test their skills and let their imaginations soar in our 26,000 square foot facility of adventure and fun. You will never hear a camper complain of being bored here! Air Riderz is a summer camp field trip destination like no other. The atmosphere is vibrant and there is so much to explore:

  • Trampoline dodgeball
  • Four-lane foam pit
  • Three slam dunk basketball lanes
  • A variety of 20+ foot vertical challenges, including rock climbing
  • Giant slide
  • Long lane tumbling tracks

In addition to the joy and fitness benefits campers get from jumping and climbing at Air Riderz, there are many positives to this type of play:

  • Promotes concentration
  • Leads to new knowledge and skills
  • Encourages persistence
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Enhances posture, flexibility and physical strength

We all know the #1 camp priority is safety. All Air Riderz staff undergo extensive training to ensure children are well looked after and following all the safety rules to drastically reduce the chance of injury.

If you are a summer camp facilitator looking to offer your campers an exciting new type of field trip they’ll be talking about all week, look no further! To learn more or schedule your summer camp’s visit to Air Riderz, please contact Lexie at lexie@airriderz.com or 905-820-7500, extension 105.

Good news if you’re a parent reading this – Air Riderz also offers Summer Camp on-site! Air Riderz Summer Camp runs from July 4, 2016 until September 7, 2016 (excluding weekends), 9am-4pm daily, with extended care from 8am-6pm. We offer full-day and half-day camp, as well as the option of daily or weekly registration for your child. To learn more or download the registration form, visit the Air Riderz Kids Camp page.