5 Reasons to Give the Gift of an Experience

5 Reasons to Give the Gift of an Experience

5 Reasons to Give the Gift of an Experience

Finding a unique, heartfelt Christmas gift can sometimes feel stressful, if not impossible. Sometimes, it’s the gifts we can hold in our hearts rather than in our hands that mean the most.
Gifting an experience rather than a material object can be more fulfilling, for the giver and receiver. With a little forethought, and maybe a bit of research, finding the perfect experience to gift a loved one can be one of the most thoughtful and appreciated gestures. Below we explore 5 reasons to give the gift of an experience this holiday season.

1. Great option for the person who “has everything”
Finding the perfect gift for the person who has everything is tough. Everyone has at least one person like this in their lives! It’s not uncommon for Christmas shoppers to scramble when it comes to shopping for these types of people. This typically results in waiting until the last minute to make a purchase or unintentionally going over budget.

Gifting those who are difficult to shop for with an experience rather than a material object is a fantastic way to express your love and appreciation, particularly if they are really busy and don’t make a lot of time for themselves. Bonus points if the gift experience isn’t something they’d typically buy for themselves, like concert tickets, guitar lessons, or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. Gifts like these create lasting memories and the recipient enjoys treating themselves to a little “me” time.

2. Experiences can enhance bonding
Traditional gifts are typically enjoyed solo by the recipient, but giving the gift of an experience can create bonding opportunities for family and friends. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about? With life’s hectic pace, bringing people together to create memories and share moments is one of the most heartfelt and thoughtful gifts you can give. Taking a break from the stress of school and work to try something different and fun with the ones you love is one of the surest ways to improve your mood and strengthen your relationships.

3. Feel good vibes ahead
One of the greatest parts of giving someone an experience instead of a tangible object is the feel good vibes it generates. With traditional gifts, the recipient unwraps it and either enjoys the gift or doesn’t (hopefully they do!). Depending on the gift, the recipient will enjoy it each time they use it/wear it, but what happens when the newest version comes out or their tastes change?

Among the most convincing of our 5 reasons to give the gift of an experience: the recipient will feel pleasure before, during and after the event. They will enjoy sensations of anticipation as they look forward to the day of the experience. They will have fun and create memories during the experience. Afterwards, they’ll look back fondly on the experience. Few other gifts are as fulfilling to give or receive!

4. Minimize your stress
Holiday shopping is stressful for most people. Between deciding what to buy everyone, setting a spending budget and sticking to it, navigating busy mall crowds and congested parking lots, and waiting in long lines, Christmas shoppers face a number of challenges. Depending on the experience you gift, you can remove nearly all of these nuisances by avoiding the mall altogether. Simply arrange/pay for the experience directly through the company’s website or by visiting their establishment in person.

5. Declutter your life
Would it surprise you to learn that the average child in the developed world owns over 200 toys but only plays with 12 of them on average per day? This statistic alone should motivate you to seek alternatives to material items! Giving the gift of an experience adds to the richness of recipients’ lives instead of clutter in their homes.

If you’ve been struggling to find meaningful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, we hope this post has inspired you!

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Happy Holidays from the Air Riderz!