3 One-Of-A-Kind Attractions: Air Riderz Mississauga

Entertaining your child can be a difficult task. Attention spans can be short, and interests vary as they grow and mature. At Air Riderz, we specialize in entertaining your whole family! Our action packed facilities have a variety of different attractions, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for good clean fun, low impact exercise or maybe just some time to relax, our attractions provide you with options. We are sure you will find the attraction suited to you! Below are three of our attractions with descriptions, to give you a taste of what we have to offer.  

Giant Slide

Our giant slide is exactly that. We’re sure you haven’t see a slide this big in a long time, if ever! This slide peaks right near the top of our facility, alongside the top of our climbing walls. This attraction is for the thrill seekers; as you ride down this tall, steep slide we’re sure it will get the butterflies in your stomach going!

Pole Walk

Challenge your fear of heights with our multi step walk to nowhere. Can you get all the way to the highest step? If you think you can, give it a try! When you get to the top, simply step off and glide safely back to earth, safely harnessed in by our climb zone staff. A fun attraction for all ages, see how high you can go!

3 Slam Dunk Basketball Lanes

Ever want to dunk like Lebron? Here’s your chance! Combine speed and height to show off your basketball skills, with trampolines that lead up to each basketball hoop. Reach the same heights as real NBA players and try your hand at the same dunks they do. This is your chance to put your athletic skills on display, and become the envy of all your friends!

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