3 Activities For Your Children To Try Over The Summer

Summer’s just around the corner and everyone’s starting to make their summer plans. Have you made yours? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you fill that schedule. Parents are always looking for new activities that their child can experience and enjoy. Below, we have compiled a list of three things that will help keep your child entertained over the summer holidays.

Try Out Trampoline Jumping Activities

Jumping on a trampoline is easy on the joints and uses a variety of muscles allowing children to get exercise while having tons of fun. There are many different activities you can participate in when jumping on a trampoline as well, especially if you are jumping at a trampoline park such as Air Riderz Mississauga. Alongside traditional trampoline jumping, we also offer trampoline based activities such as: trampoline dodgeball, trampoline slam dunk and open jump (where you can jump off the walls!). Add a visit to Air Riderz Mississauga to your summer schedule and experience the fun for yourself!

Try Out Climbing Based Activities

Climbing activities can be an exciting adventure for children. There are multiple places to rock climb, but facilities like Air Riderz Mississauga provide attendees with multiple climbing options. There are traditional climbing walls where children can enjoy standard indoor climbing, and there are also alternative attractions such as the pole walk, where children will get to enjoy a variation on traditional climbing as they work their way up the staggered poles. If you want your child to spend their energy climbing in a safe atmosphere, our facility is definitely worth checking out.

Register For A Summer Camp

Need something that will consume more time than just a few hours? Consider enrolling your child in a summer camp that incorporates fun activities to keep them busy for weeks on end. Facilities such as Air Riderz Mississauga, offer weekly camps all summer long with flexible enrollment options. By offering different weekly themes and activities, we ensure your child will not get bored. From trampoline based games, to climbing activities and meeting new friends, your child is sure to stay entertained all summer long! For more information, check out the camp programs section of our website.

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