3 One-Of-A-Kind Attractions: Air Riderz Aurora

Having trouble entertaining your child for extended periods of time? Attention spans can be short, and interests vary as they grow and mature. At Air Riderz, we specialize in entertaining your whole family! Our state of the art facilities have a variety of different attractions, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for good clean fun, low impact exercise or maybe just some time to relax, our attractions provide you with options. We are sure there is an attraction that will provide entertainment for every member of your family! Below are three of our attractions with descriptions, to give you a taste of what we have to offer.

Dodgeball Court

Ever play dodgeball in gym class? Fun, right? Imagine if you could take this simple childhood game, and add trampolines in to the mix. At Air Riderz, you can do just that! Dip, dive and dodge by soaring off the trampolines and walls. Be the last team standing by eliminating all opposing players. This is sure to get those competitive juices flowing!

Dark Tower

Like rock climbing? So do we! With multiple different climbing elements we are sure to scratch that climbing itch. Our dark tower attraction lets you climb up high like the others, but on this attraction you will do so in a glow in the dark setting! A fun twist on traditional climbing elements, come try out this climbing wall that is lit up like no other!

Battle Beam

Want to battle head to head against a friend or family member? Now is your chance! Our battle beam sets you up for head to head combat against an opponent. Try and stay on the beam longer than your foe while you each use your padded baton to knock each other down into the foam pit below. If you are the last one standing, you are victorious!

First Responders SPECIAL!- Week of August 10th-17th. 1 hour Jump- $10+tax, 1 hour Jump & Climb- $13+tax. Bring your ID or Badge.